Aluminium stratified wood windows represent the perfect combination of natural wood beauty and weather resistance of aluminium, to which are added several advantages to be considered: sound insulation, durability in time, comfort and, last but not least, elegance .

We have a generous experience in the manufacture of stratified wood, of various types, with double-glazed glass and aluminium plated, for civil, commercial, industrial buildings, old buildings of patrimony, but also for private buildings.

Aluminium is a highly resistant exterior material that ensures tightness of the interior, reducing the heat transfer coefficient. Stratified wood and aluminium profiles are available in a wide range of colours, providing these types of windows with truly unique interior and exterior finishes, in perfect harmony with the personality of each room.

Aluminium stratified wood carpentry is available in several versions of used wood profiles – fir wood, meranti wood and oak wood – painted or varnished. And aluminium can be painted in any colour and personalized according to your wishes.

Joinery, stratified wood, with double glazing

  • Wood from which the carpentry is made is triple-layered, in the form of lamellar profiles, of a variety of essences: fir, spruce, northern pine, eucalyptus, meranti or oak.

The final section of the wood:  –   windows: 68 x 82 mm

Thermal coefficient:

–  ≤0.4 W/m2K for softwood profiles;

–  ≤0.55 W/m2K for hardwood profiles.

Wood humidity is 10 +/- 2%, and wood profiles are certified technically.

Closure of the three layers is achieved with waterproof category D4.

  • Glass is an essential element, and its choice is an aspect to be treated with due care, since glass occupies about 80% of the surface of the carpentry.

We install double glazed (thermo-insulating) glass in two versions:

– 24 mm – (4-16-4) two glasses x 4mm float, argon, low-e or dual protect.

– 32 mm – (4-12-4-12-4) three glasses x 4mm duplex, reflexive, mat dual protect.

  • Ironwork we use is AGB Italia.

For windows we can execute several types of openings: classic opening, tilting-in opening for balcony doors, sliding opening, swinging in-sliding harmonic opening.

Window and door closure is multipoint, with a variety of actuation handles.

  • Varnish/lacquer and impregnating agent– The varnish used is ADLER, varnish produced in Austria.

Impregnation has the role of antiseptic, fire retardant and colour stabilization for carpentry. The primer is applied over the impregnating agent and has ultraviolet protection and colour fixation.

The lacquer is applied over the primer at a set thickness so that it can withstand summer- winter temperature differences. Its property is elasticity to temperature differences.

  • Sealing gaskets – The set of used gaskets are the Olimpia brand – manufactured in Italy.

Also, the water-tightness of the glass is made with internal and external gaskets. The gaskets are manually interchangeable, so they can easily be replaced.

  • Tear duct – outstanding leakage system in exterior for water infiltrations – dropper of anodized aluminium or painted aluminium in electrostatic field to protect the lower part of the heel and water guidance to the outside, fitted with rubber caps for sealing at ends- Helopal. The mobile windows are equipped with a tear-duct that takes over the running water from the first tear duct.