Solid wood interior staircase of beech, oak, lime, cherry wood, etc., made by our team, are an element that gives every project a unique style.Utility and elegance harmonize perfectly in interior design projects that include wood.

With a special elegance, designed and executed just after your preferences, a HCR solid wood interior staircase can become more than a functional accessory, easily transforming into a central element and also a point of attraction for your home, with a special aesthetics.

The interior stairs of solid wood benefit from a solid fixation and because they are designed according to your specific needs, they will fit perfectly into the space they are designed to complete the overall appearance of the home, while remaining in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

In the process of building the interior wood stairs, we attach a special importance to their finishing. Thus, by using special varnishes and wood-stains, we aim to improve the appearance, but also the quality of wooden surfaces of the interior stairs by color, roughness or gloss. Besides the aesthetic aspect of this stage, there are also functional considerations that we take into account: increased resistance to traffic as well as the action of other physical or chemical agents.

Solid wood interior stairs specifications:

  • Wood essences of: oak, steamed beech, sycamore maple, ash
  • Stair thickness 40 mm
  • Counter-stair thickness 20 mm
  • Possibility of plating with wood or making the structure of resistance
  • Execution of current hand
  • Balusters- any size and pattern
  • Adler wear-resistant traffic lacquer.