In the last 8 years we have specialized in the execution and marketing of the stratified wood-based carpentry with thermo-isolating glass, such as interior and exterior doors of various wood essences: spruce, oak, lime, meranti, makore, eucalypt, etc.

Technical characteristics of exterior doors made by HCR:

  • Door triple-layered profile – 68×110 mm
  • Heel triple- layered profile– 68×82 mm
  • Sealing gasket – 2 pieces
  • Locks various models
  • Hinges various models
  • Aluminium threshold at the bottom of the door – brown or aluminium colour
  • Available any constructive model on site or at customer’s request
  • Available any size – length (x) width
  • Possibility of sliding, swinging- sliding
  • Triple layer wood essences: spruce, oak, northern pine, meranti, eucalyptus.

Technical characteristics of the interior doors made by HCR:

  • Door double-layered profile – 42×110 mm
  • Heel double- layered profile – 42×110 mm
  • Sealing gasket 1piece
  • Locking lock with hub or key
  • Handles with escutcheon or rosette
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Brush or threshold at the bottom of the door
  • Adler interior lacquer resistant to traffic, scratches, etc.
  • Available any constructive model – at customer’s request
  • Available any size – length (x) width
  • Wall clothing
  • Interior or exterior sills
  • Possibility of sliding doors – single or double
  • Wood essences – spruce, oak, northern pine, eucalyptus, meranti.


The wooden shutters for windows and doors have an anti-burglary function, as well as an aesthetic, as well as shading role.

Wooden shutters manufactured by HCR are available in a wide variety of styles, models and solid wood essences and can be easily adapted and personalized according to your specifications and desires.

The finish may be the same as that applied to windows and doors or may be a wax exterior finish.

The performance – thermal, acoustic and lighting – combined with the quality of wood, materials, accessories, ADLER finishes and, last but not least, the accuracy of production processes guarantee the quality of our products.