Carpentry maintenance

For durability and resistance as long as possible, wood carpentry exposed in the external environment requires checks, cleaning and periodic maintenance.

Wood carpentry exposed in the external environment is subject to slow and continuous degradation due to weathering (dust, frost, strong sun, acid rains, smoke, etc.), and without maintenance, the lacquer film cannot counteract this degradation process. In order to maintain the protection properties of the lacquer film over time, it must be subject to maintenance and careful cleaning.

From the studies conducted over time, it has been established that over a calendar year the thickness of the lacquer layer decreases by 15 microns. With this maintenance basically it is added to the existing film the 15 microns, the lacquer film regaining its original characteristics. Through a correct yearly application of this treatment, we can extend the life of the lacquer to at least 20 years. Otherwise, without maintenance, the lacquer cannot last for more than 5 years. Do not expect the lacquer film to be completely destroyed before starting a maintenance treatment. Proper maintenance provides two distinct stages:

  • Surface cleaning;
  • Revitalizing the lacquer film, which is recommended to be performed twice a year (once before the summer season and once before the winter season).

To solve these problems, a maintenance kit has been created that contains a range of products specifically designed to clean, nourish and regenerate the lacquer film by keeping it in a perfect condition.

This kit contains the following:

  • 1 box of 0.5 liter cleaning solution;
  • 1 box of 0.5 liter revitalizing agent;
  • A small tray;
  • A yellow canvas;
  • A sponge with support.

Revitalizing the film – the film refreshing operation is done after the cleaning. Both operations must be done on lacquer films that are still in good condition, ie not cracked or damaged. The purpose of this operation is to revitalize the lacquer film both aesthetically and to enhance its water resistance.

Instructions for application:

After cleaning with the cleaning solution, apply the revitalizing agent (water based) to the yellow canvas and then wipe the dry surface of the window with a circular motion. The drying time is at least 4 hours. The operation is easy and results in a more aesthetic surface.


  • Avoid applying revitalizing solution on rainy days or in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid excessive application of the two products on the surface that is to be revitalized and do not forcefully apply the canvas soaked in the solution. The maintenance kit is used on the outside of the windows, and it is not necessary to maintain it anywhere but once every 5 years. Such a maintenance kit is enough to cover an area of approximately 200 sqm of carpentry.