About us

More than 16 years ago, in 2002, the HCR story began. We scratched, timidly, a start in the timber production for the furniture factories in the county.

In 2006, HCR made the first steps towards producing furniture and, starting in 2012, we were proud of a high standard in the production of carpentry and furniture.

5 years later, in 2017, HCR already had several machines, a new production hall and knew its success on the foreign market in countries such as France, Belgium or Luxembourg.

Turnover and number of employees have risen steadily every year. At present, HCR has a turnover of over 2,000,000 euros / year and about 70 employees, and the production based exclusively on unique products, not series, is 80% destined for the foreign market and 20% for the Romanian market.

Our team realized that out of passion, perfect projects are born in perfect harmony with those we offer them to.

That’s why HCR today means unique, soul-made works for you.

We produce with heart and we are involved in every project of:

  • Three-layered wooden doors and windows of various essences: spruce, oak, meranti, makore, eucalypt, etc.
  • Interior wood doors from double- layered wood: spruce, oak, lime, meranti etc.
  • Interior solid wood stairs – beech, oak, lime, cherry, etc.
  • Unique solid wood furniture – spruce, beech, oak, cherry
  • Reconditioning of carpentry and old furniture
  • Reproductions of wood furniture and carpentry according to the existing model (perhaps hundreds of years old)

We are looking forward to new, unique projects, especially in the reconstruction area of historical buildings, both in terms of renovation of the building and of furniture and carpentry. We intend to enrol HCR within the Restorers Union of Romania.

We want new challenges to help us go beyond our limits. Our solutions are complete and we stand beside you in the recommendation of the wood species suitable for your project, to ideas for desired models, choice of correct fittings, maintenance of carpentry, furniture etc.

We are passionate and we want happy customers. Therefore, besides seriousness, professionalism and fairness, every project completed by HCR also receives some of our soul.